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Busking is a significant part of Sydney's vibrant street culture. When we transit through the metropolis, nostalgic melodies, alluring but disruptive percussion permeate through the crowds, often greeting us as chance encounters of mysterious origins - pointilised performances characterised by surprise and delight.

Where to Busk?

An initial examining of busking sites revealed that there are limited locations where performers are allowed to legally busk. Factors such as busking times, volume and the direction of sound projects are well regulated within these sites. What was particularly interesting to me was that the result of these public health and safety measures directly contradict assumptions made regarding the ephemerality and synchronous nature experienced by the public. The interplay between controlled parameters and coincidental experience becomes the topic of this exploration.


Most busking sites are situated in "culturally significant" locations, but are also likely to be significant in typology, acoustics & circulation. Would it be meaningful to archive such conditions into an emergent performance space that celebrates the cultural fabric of the City of Sydney?


Turning various set of typologies into pointilised expressions serves more than form: they absorb and diffuse sounds projecting upwards to allow numerous performances to occupy spaces in proximity while insulating echoes and noise cross-bleed between performance spaces. Experience full-immersion in an open-setting with the sound fidelity of a recording studio.

Mystery program

Translucent members in alternating gridation allows perspective alignment in differing angles, appearing in a constant cycle of order and chaos, of unexpected revelations and hidden mysteries. An undulating, reflective flooring terrain act as counterpoint to the strict geometry above, sculpting performance space pockets and gentle viewing slopes that flow freely from the adjacent parkland.

Underground Exhibition Halls

Incisions on the ground plane invites light into the basement floors during the day and fitted strip lighting during periods that lack natural sunlight. The effect of these long lighting striations can be extruded down into luminous walls that divide the varied height exhibition halls, casting diffuse panels of light onto the surfaces below. Since the ground plane undulation is translated to the ceiling of the B1 space, differing height pockets are offered for exhibition items of various scales and height requirements.

Undulating ground terrain that collects and blooms ceremonies and performance

A crystalline backdrop for the parklands to the east.

Approaching from main traffic route

The city embodied

Public performance for the people, by the people.

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