A Neo-classics inspired Sound System

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Geometric elegance

We needed to craft a product that is versatile enough to uplift any space, yet at the same time become a sculptural piece that celebrate architectural form and materials.

Crisp Edges, Crisper Sound

The client had built his first pair of columns in 1975, when a fellow audio industry professional friend & colleague introduced the concept to him. He was absolutely flabbergasted by the incredible increase in the quality of the sound reproduction they achieved using reasonable quality drivers to beat the most high-end competitors. He boasted his enclosure designs are intrinsically streets ahead in their solution to the fundamental design imperative of a loudspeaker enclosure.

Scientific elegance

The loudspeakers' laminated concrete enclosures houses the drivers without adding any colouration to the sound. Exponentially curved, solid alloy, hand-cast reflectors accelerate and enhance the output of the drivers.


Tubular forms extrude from circular grills and softens into its surrounds. Base plinths ensure stability by facilitating a lower center of mass and by accenting proportions.

Geometry of the Third-Pipe

These incredible loudspeakers are also pipes. Using an innovative audio principle known as the third-pipe principle - the speakers you see at the front of the loudspeakers are situated a third of the way along a graded audio pipe that wends it’s way within the stylish enclosure, remaining open at the top and bottom. This configuration allows for phenomenal sound reproduction both in frequency response and sound fidelity.

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