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mindfulness in a digital age

It is increasingly evident that chronic mental issues prevalent in the modern age are the result of untamed interactions with the flood of digital media. To  be freed from the cycle of anxiety, stress and depression, one may need to look for solutions that lie beyond the modern world, within ancient yogic teachings found in eastern spirituality.

CInematography by Joe John
ancient in the modern

YOGI strives to impart Classical Yogic philosophies and practices to help those seeking to transcend their personal limitations of their physical and mental well-being in the form of retreats to faraway destination such the Himalayas. The client wishes to rebrand to cater to a wider user base whilst retaining cultural authenticity.

The Relevance of Spirituality

Upon having a profound conversation in the our first meeting, it was clear that the scope of influence and strategic approach is unprecedented and requires creative solutions. YOGI strives to provide users wellbeing techniques and practices that stem from classical yogic spirituality passed down through Gurus. The face of this global community, Yogi Amandeep, is well-versed in both scientific rationalism and eastern hermeneutic philosophy.

the energy vessel

Classical Kundalini Yoga provides an energetic container that allows seekers to learn the way of the heart: practical devotion, gratitude, reverences, dedication, service and compassion. Yoga can be taught to those a with phenomenal awareness of energy that are able to create a vessel for it.

atmospheric gradients

The colour pallete is dervied from tones that exist in the yogic traditions: Saffron, Gold, as well as balancing warm sunset tones with darker violets that provoke thought. Gradients from such tones, when combined with black and white elements, provides a striking identity that is grounded and embracing.


VR YOGI seeks to tap into the latest virtual and augmented reality experiences to help tackle mental problems and improve well-being, by utilising the power of immersive audio-visual, and tactile stimuli. The core of the branding exercise is digital therapy. The branding departs from colour gradients that oppose in temperature to evoke meditative qualities in digital space.

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