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Ghee is a highly-clarified dairy traditionally used in Asian cooking, medicine and cosmetics since 3000 BCE. The Client sources from grass-fed dairy cows in New Zealand for health-conscious consumers and those who undergo the Ketogenic diet as an alternative to cooking oils.

radiance like no other

The challenge is to synthesise brand values that connects with a broad demographic, to leverage existing positive connotations of the product source story and quality packaging without diluting differentiation.
We ask a bold question: What does Pure mean to you?

Why New Zealand?

New Zealand has maintained environmental purity in its soil, air, and water more so than almost any other habitable place on Earth and with its stunning natural beauty, it truly is a paradise. In this fresh-aired country of first sunrise, free-roaming cows feed on nutrient-rich green grass.  As our cows able to live freely outdoors all year long due to NZ’s temperate climate and feast in its clean environment, they produce some of the world’s finest milk.

Pure is Heritage

In Ayurveda, Cow Ghee is known as ‘amrita’(nectar) & considered the natural oil for all internal body mechanisms. It recognises ghee as the ‘first and the most essential of all foods’. Ghee is a known sacred and celebrated symbol of auspiciousness, nourishment and healing as well as an esteemed article of everyday use. Ayurveda reveals that Ghee is most valuable and hidden part of milk. It is the pure essence of milk. As per Ayurvedic texts, Cow Ghee is said to promote all three aspects of mental functioning-learning, memory and recall. The ancient texts also designate Cow Ghee as a Medhya Rasayana, (healthy and balanced fat in the body) - beneficial for mental alertness.

Cooking with Ghee

As per Ancient Ayurvedic text Cow Ghee is known to be digested up to 96%: the highest when compared to all other vegetable or animal-sourced fats. It is also known as the finest of fuels into the fires of digestion. Cow Ghee is one of the few cooking oils where the composition does not break down while cooking. Most vegetable and other oils are guilty of breaking down into harmful free radicals at boiling point. Free radicals are known to cause chronic health problems. Ghee is perfectly safe for cooking, frying, sautéing, tempering and more. In India, this food has been a central element of healthy kitchens for thousands of years. Even people who are lactose intolerant can generally consume Cow Ghee as Ghee is known to be lactose-free.

believe in pure

The campaign promotes a clean, transparent and confident brand perception, reinforcing emotions both intrinsic and nostalgic to family-oriented consumers.

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