An Alice-in-Wonderland Inspired Dance Production... with a darker twist

Graphic Design
OSCURO: Through the Mirror (Contemporary)
mystery mirror

The production re-tells the story of Alice in Wonderland in new and bold flavours. Through her various encounters, Alice brings to stage an exhilarating story of works that is both confronting and mesmerising, at its very core, celebrates the art of dance.

Oscuro: Light in Dark

Two things that came to mind when first discussing this project: the idea of hidden identity and the use of negative space and shadow to communicate action and drama. The logomark strives to attach itself to the mystery of Venetian masks and the Zoro-esque typeface reminds of the sense of dramatic mystery and hidden action. The fragmenting mask is comments on the disintegration of mystery, as carried out by dance.

identity & reflection

Oscuro explores the concept of self-introspection through movement and engagement with reflections, both in a mythological storytelling and as drivers of choreography. Oscuro is running through darkness to encounter meaning and change.


An abstract approach was taken for the design of the DVD covers by employing poetic dualities of the hard and the soft; life and death; the fragile and the unforgiving, movement and stillness, warmth and cold.

The Faces of Oscuro

These incredible dancers assisted in promoting Oscuro through the tradition of customised social media profile pictures that also act as poster art. It is interesting to witness the effect of organic engagement when logo graphic elements are adapted to act as a vessels for participants to actively embody the story, spirit and soul of the production.

Alice and The Cheshire Cat

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?"
"That depends a good deal on where you want to get to."

"I don't much care where –"
"Then it doesn't matter which way you go.”

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