The multi-lingual environment of my upbringing has had a profound impact on my interest and respect for different peoples, places and cultures. I am fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin, and I have studied some French.  | James Feng

I'm James, nice to meet you.

This website reflects my journey so far in design Pandora, hopefully the works are sufficient in indicating my taste and skill sets. It goes without saying that I will actively update this site hopefully with blog posts on the tips and tricks I have gathered along the way.

I have graduated my Bachelor degree of Design in Architecture at  The University of Sydney. Over the two years of study I have realised an interest in architectural visualisation and photo-manipulation. Outside of the University I freelance in graphic design- mainly creating advertising materials for brands and commercial events. As a result I am most proficient in a wide range of softwares from Photoshop/Illustrator(graphic design) to Rhino(3D modelling) to After Effects(motion graphic) to Cinema4D(animation & visualisation). Outside of architecture, I have passion in most art forms (music, dance, martial arts, food) more specifically digital photography, motion graphic and film. I love travelling, the experiencing of past history and modern cultures and the feeling of being out of place. In the near future I plan on continuing my Master studies overseas and to live and work abroad.


Freelance Services:

Express Graphic Design

Event / Portfolio Photography

Videography / Cinematography

Architectural Concept Design & Visualisation / Render Post Production

Rhinocerous 3D Modelling


instagram @lejamesfeng

Study Abroad, London 2016